White Family Beaten Unconscious for Being in “Wrong Neighborhood”

Published on May 15, 2013

Imagine for a second if two white men and a white woman at a gas station/convenience store in Louisiana told a black family that they were in the wrong neighborhood and that they weren’t going to make it out. Then each of the white suspects proceeds to knock unconscious the father, the mother, and the teenage daughter by hitting each of them in the face.

Then image that only one of the three suspects was charged with 2nd degree battery and arrested while the other two were released on simple battery changes even though they each rendered a person unconscious by striking them in the face.

This would be a national story and the country would be OUTRAGED on multiple levels at this incident, with everyone from movie actors to government leaders decrying the racist actions of these white individuals. We would be told there is still racism alive an well in America by people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton while they give speeches and rile the people up in this Louisiana town. And the police, oh they would be hamstrung for being racist because they only arrested one of the suspects and let two of them go.

The president would then weigh in on it and say the police acted stupidly after having someone in the press ask him about it so he could claim moral high ground and call it a teaching moment for the country.

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