Zero Tolerance for ‘Cole’ = Zero Brain Cells: How Liberal Dimwits Ruin Futures

Written by Mark Mayberry on May 3, 2013

What we are seeing here is just another miscarriage of justice in the name of fairness and one- size-fits-all policies. The town that Cole lives in feels much the same. Many members of the community are speaking out on his behalf in order to try and stop the harsh disciplinary actions being taken against the 18 year old Eagle Scout. With the administration standing firm in their decision many of the towns 1,000 residence, including Cole’s friends, have taken to social media in order to put a national spotlight on this issue. Twitter has erupted with tweets all featuring the hashtag “#freecole” and a Facebook page has also been set up.

Hopefully, for the sake of this young man and his future, someone will come to their senses and realize that there is a difference between “willfully carrying a firearm on a school campus” and forgetting you have a it and calling a parent to come get it.

Honestly, I am glad I graduated and got out of school before these zero tolerance policies really became common place. This school system and the prosecutors office should be ashamed of themselves for persecuting a kid who, by all accounts, was doing the right thing. I cant say that I would have done anything different.

It is in that spirit that I have to say FREE COLE and let him graduate on time and go to college. We need more responsible and ambitious young men. From where I am sitting this generation is in short supply of them.

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