A LEAKER AND A STRIPPER: NSA Leaker’s Girlfriend is a Stripper

Published on June 11, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 9.31.12 AMWhen Eric Snowden fled to Hong Kong after leaking National Security Agency surveillance secrets, he happened to leave a super hot girlfriend behind.

Inside Edition and The Daily Mail identified Snowden’s lady friend as Lindsay Mills, an acrobat who lives in Waikiki, Hawaii, now all by herself. In a blog post Monday, in which she calls herself a “world-traveling, pole-dancing super hero,” she alluded to Snowden’s disappearance.

“For those of you that know me without my super hero cape, you can probably understand why I’ll be refraining from blog posts for awhile. My world has opened and closed all at once. Leaving me lost at sea without a compass,” she wrote.

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