Angry, Panicked Conservatives, Don’t Forget: Perspectives & Priorities

Written by Stephanie Janiczek on June 30, 2013

Chicken Little Sky FallingThe last couple of weeks have been rather eye opening for many reasons and I don’t have room here to go through them. Suffice it to say, that I have discovered that people’s priorities are a mess. Add to that a very unhealthy dose of anger. It isn’t good out there folks.

Go scroll through the twitter feed, or Facebook pages. Everyone’s angry and they are angry about politics. It is an anger that has become tangible and almost pathological. That should scare a lot of us who are angry and that includes me. I am angry but I know it and I realize how ridiculous I look when I go off like a lunatic about an issue I can’t really do anything about.

People spend too much time dwelling on things they can’t help. We’re all upset about Benghazi, the IRS, FOX spy gate, Obamacare, even the NSA however there’s really not much we can do besides fire off angry emails and write angry snail mail letters to our congressional leaders and call them. Of course we want these things addressed but posting rants in all capital letters on Facebook or using the 140 character twitter to freak out at Darrell Issa doesn’t help. Issa is doing what he needs to do, angry twitter rants made towards him will not make him move faster because this is a delicate job he’s doing. Calm patience is our best bet right now. No use in stomping our feet yelling for impeachment. Let Issa and the congressional leaders do their job.

I know I sound like a weak willed ninny here. No one has been more disgusted or outraged by the problems facing our country. With political correctness basically muzzling comments there is no intellectual discussion about gay marriage, abortion, or our relations with Islam. We’re not allowed to make critical remarks because we may offend people. That makes me angry. But I try in vain at times not to let anger drive me and it cannot drive the conservative cause.

I remember Ronald Reagan was angry about many things, and he said so. However you never saw him address the corrupt left or the media shrieking with rage. He smiled, and he did his job and he got it done. I cannot imagine how disappointed he’d be with the things being said, by both sides right now. It is ludicrous seeing people, and these are adults mind you, behaving like 12 year olds on a playground.

Politics is serious. You are never going to get everything you want in the discipline either, and scandals and corruption enrage all of us, but the ability to patiently wait for the right time to address a problem or a corrupt official and his actions is a virtue we need to remember.

Then there are the negative people. Look, Pollyannas annoy me to no end, but I am no pessimist. It is my theory that the more negative and pessimistic you are about the world, the more negative your world will be. I honestly believe that people who consistently dwell in negativity draw the bad to them like magnets. And how does one keep their sanity living like that? Think about it.

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Stephanie Janiczek is a former Capitol Hill Staff Assistant, Schedule C Appointee and Leadership Institute alum. Military Wife, Hunter, Horse enthusiast, dog owner, writer and feminist kryptonite.