Bombshell! NSA Hires Santa Claus as a Surveillance Consultant  

Published on June 12, 2013

While it is yet unconfirmed, many have speculated the sudden and shocking detainment of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer in Guantanamo Bay as a reason for Santa’s recent vocational change.

Update: Satirists already speculating and preparing clever headlines for the Obama Administration’s next scandal.

*According to anonymous sources, Santa’s criteria for being naughty has changed to include such acts as, “tweeting unflattering remarks about public officials, talking about American’s constitutional rights, and reading articles from”.

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P KanePatrick Kane is a political activist based out of Boulder Colorado. He is currently employed by several of Colorado’s preeminent think tanks and has worked in the liberty movement since he was fourteen. An aspiring writer, Patrick currently writes for Girls Just Want To Have Guns and Complete Colorado Page Two.

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