CHICK FROM HELL: Surefire Ways To Equip Your Daughter To Be a Future Home-Wrecker

Published on June 25, 2013

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  • Be sure she knows that academics are her highest priority and that practical homemaking skills are menial and for the lower class folks.
  • Shield her from disappointment and hardships.
  • Give her her own room, her own space complete with ways to tune out the family, such as unlimited ipads, iphone, texting, computers…
  • Don’t allow her to earn or manage any money, just make sure she has plenty of it.
  • Never put her in situations where she has to get creative and resourceful, just give her what she wants…so she can have a happy childhood.
  • Do not correct her lack of character, because you may hurt her feelings…and she may not like you. Just let her be free to be herself.
  • Don’t ever require her to do acts of service for other people, unless she is getting extra credit for a school subject or club of course, because she may need that for a scholarship.
  • Push her to establish a career because she should never depend on a man for anything.
  • Be sure she chooses friends that are shallow and enjoy wasting time like she does.
  • Encourage her to focus on her outer beauty, keep her nails done and keep her clothed in the latest fashions, because that is very important to her self-esteem.

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