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COWABUNGA: Colorado Recalls Anti-Gun Senator

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 9.27.11 AMColorado sent a strong message to anti-gun politicians today: If you try and take away our rights, we will vote you out of office. John Morse, the anti-gun state senator led a recent initiative to pass multiple gun control laws, has been recalled after a committee obtained the required signatures.

The pro-gun group obtained over 16,000 signatures to the secretary of state for verification. Of the signatures, 7,178 needed to be verified in order to officially begin a recall election. Over 10,000 were found to be verified—with Colorado’s secretary of state signing off yesterday.

The Washington Times has more details:

Meanwhile, Mr. Morse, a Colorado Springs Democrat, released a statement Monday on his Facebook page asking for out-of-state help from those in traditionally liberal cities to help fight the recall effort.

“We can get phone lists to you and things like that and have you help from Boston, Massachusetts, or San Francisco, California,” said Mr. Morse in a video message. “So thanks for all that you’ve done and thanks for all that you’re going to do as we move forward to take on this tiger.”

Mr. Morse has 15 days to challenge the signatures, but if his protest fails, the governor will be charged with setting a recall election date between 45 and 75 days from the end of the protest period.

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