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Hey, Tebow Haters: The Patriots Are a Better Team with Tim Tebow

Screen Shot 2013-06-15 at 9.42.59 AMThe New England Patriots made a shrewd move by signing Tim Tebow. They didn’t sign him for the novelty of it. They signed him because he makes them a better team.

Not only do the Patriots have a fresh infusion of versatility at their disposal with Tebow, but they have a golden opportunity to develop a 25-year-old backup slinger who’s healthy, talented, driven, dynamic, hardworking and coachable.

It’s surprising that more teams didn’t pursue this guy.

Or perhaps, on second thought, it isn’t so surprising. After all, most teams drink from the same think tank, running ideas through a series of focus groups and committees. If the group or committee spits out a sketchy verdict on a potential prospect, based on his wobbly spiral or the potential media circus that might ensue, they get cold feet.

This is where the Patriots are different. They play by their own rules. They don’t let popular opinion or scuttlebutt dictate their decisions. They make audacious, forward-thinking moves, which is why they continually rewrite the book on winning.

That’s why it’s good to be a Patriots fan. And that’s why it’s good to have Tebow in the mix.

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