Hypocrisy Warning! The Failure of Atheism and the Modern ‘God Haters’

Published on June 4, 2013

housemate_atheistby Alexander McNabb
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

Is there a more crude beast than the modern atheist? Can we find a more intellectually offensive specimen than an individual who has wrapped his grubby hands around a singular idea, and thrust his sniveling nose upwards in contemptuous pride at this accomplishment, never to think for himself again, blissfully assured in his conclusions? Why even the theists are haunted by the specter of doubt! Yes these vile, blathering simpletons proceed without the slightest humility, so faithful they are of their rash conclusions, so unthinking are they of the implications. Nowhere do you find a more dogmatic and arrogant faux-intellectual than the modern atheist.

A mere century ago, to claim the mantle of atheist meant wrestling with innumerable philosophical problems and personal demons, and reluctantly concluding the nonexistence of God with a heavy heart and a weary resignation to the task of finding value in a world deprived of any objective moral order. Today becoming an atheist is a trivial matter, and like all trivial things, it attracts banal, trivial people.

Like anything brought to the masses, atheism has become a diluted, trite little idea for small minds. Rebellious, unsophisticated rabble find themselves at odds with the moral precepts of traditional religions, and adopt an atheist stance for its supposed permissiveness! They glance at the host of scientific and philosophical minds that have claimed this position, and then snatch it for themselves with only the most cursory inspection of what atheism entails.

With so many ignorant commoners assuming atheism as a default metaphysical position, the entire philosophy of atheism has been polluted with spiteful, God-haunted, post Christian ideology. The very same liberal, egalitarian values so HATED by atheists like Nietzsche are now part and parcel of modern atheism. Atheists take this socialist baggage for granted, as if unconsciously absorbing patently Christian ideas about charity and equality were merely “part of being atheist”. Even feminism has become intertwined with atheism on some level! This is what happens when a metaphysical stance that once belonged to only the most skeptical of critical thinkers is chopped into simplistic fodder for the dullest of dull-eyed cows to chew on.

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