MEAT RULES: Vogue Writer Goes Vegan, Has Nervous Breakdown

Published on June 19, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 9.36.08 AMThe June issue of Vogue includes the Features Director’s struggle to cook a few outrageously expensive vegan meals for her affably useless husband. It includes the line: “It was all down to me, it seemed, and pretty soon I was having a chickpea-induced nervous breakdown.” Oh, honey.

After Peter, Features Director Eve MacSweeney’s husband, experiences serious heart problems, his doctor recommends a vegan diet. Since Peter “likes cooking in the virtual sense — watching chefs on TV” (don’t we all), MacSweeney decides to dedicate all of her time to cooking vegan meals that entice her husband’s picky palate. “I found myself on a treadmill of food preparation, my evenings — previously finely sliced between spending time with the boys, making dinner, and pursuing my own interest and social life — consumed by toiling over the stove,” she writes (in a piece that’s only in print). What was she doing in there? Hasn’t she ever heard of lentils?

Problem Number One (hashtag #VogueProblems): her husband is a whiny baby. Peter was displeased with one meal she concocted, “garlic-braised bok choy, dal with lots of cilantro and caramelized shallots, chopped guacamole the way a Mexican friend had taught me, and rice.” It made him “hungry and sad.” Maybe Peter should be a little more appreciative that his gainfully employed wife is spending so much time catering to his needs. Plus: people who don’t like guacamole should not be trusted.

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