Reid Pushes For Vote On Immigration: Advice On How To Stop It

Published on June 19, 2013


By Mickey Kaus, Daily Caller

Unleash YouTube–We’re all Mad Men now: Senate Majority  Leader Harry Reid has announced plans to rush the “Gang of 8″  immigration legalization bill to a vote by the end of next week, even though  votes on proposed amendments have barely begun. The key cloture votes could come  within a few days. Reid’s action is in keeping with the dominant metaphor of the  comprehensivist game plane, enunciated in February by a “former senior Bush  administration official” who was involved in the failed 2007 amnesty  attempt:

“Once you’ve got this thing baked, you’ve got  to get it out of the oven and into the refrigerator and start eating it pretty  quickly. Because if you let it sit on the table — I’m going to beat the metaphor  to death — the ants will start eating the cake up.”

In other words, the more the voters find out about “comprehensive” immgration  bills, the less they like and the more they protest.

It’s time for the ants to swing into action. The Gang of 8 bill can  still be stopped. But there are not many days left to scare away  the fence-sitting senatorial swing votes. Again, it’s not that they  don’t know what the issues are. It’s not that they don’t have a pretty good  understanding of what the polls say about public opinion (voters are  split on the idea of reform, but they overwhelmingly want border  enforcement to come first). It’s that they are insufficiently scared that a vote  for the Gang’s complicated mess-whatever they think of it–will bring them  punishment at the polls.

They need to be scared. Here are two ways to do it:

1. Keep calling. Practically everyone who has worked on  Capitol Hill is surprised at how much attention politicians pay to phone  calls, emails, faxes and letters. You’d think they’d dismiss these  opinionated constituents as cranks, a small minority of the voting public.  They do not. They take them very seriously, in part because politicians tend to  be paranoids who worry obsessively about losing. If they weren’t always  worrying they’d probably never have made it to Washington. Any amount of voter anger contains the seeds of defeat.

Here is the Senate phone contact list. Here is the House list. Your elected representatives want to hear your  views on the Schumer-Rubio Legalization First bill (S.744)! Be polite–you don’t  want to get their backs up. If the aides to whom you talk are testy in return,  you’ll know you’re making progress. … P.S.: It’s OK to call  swing senators even if they are not your senators. The Senate is  supposed to represent the interests of the entire nation. And you can work for  or against a senator even if he or she is in another state. Just don’t expect  the aides who answer the phone to be as solicitous.

2. Make a video campaign ad! This helped in 2007. Then, as now, the idea–from  an alert reader, J.R.–was not to convince voters. The idea is to  demonstrate to the undecided  politicians the sort of devastating ads that might be used against them if they cave on immigration.  It’s true that YouTube was newer and scarier back in 2007 than it is now. But  the power of social networking is, arguably, more intimidating now than  then.

Link below tells you names and positions of senators on this bill.

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