Rick Scott: Florida is a “Traditional Marriage State”

Published on June 27, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 9.43.51 AMThe historic Supreme Court decision to scrap the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), deeming it “unconstitutional,” prompting Florida Governor Rick Scott to ‘stand his ground’ on the issue, declaring that Florida is a “traditional marriage state.”

Scott told reporters in Tallahassee that he will “uphold the law of the land, and that’s the law of our state.”

“It impacted federal law, not state law. In 2008, Florida voters amended our constitution so that we’re a traditional marriage state. Marriage is between a man and a woman,” said Republican Gov. Rick Scott. “As governor of the state I’ll uphold the existing law of the land, and that’s the law of our state.” -AP

Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann may have defended traditional marriage the best for faith-based conservative, when she stated that the “marriage is created by the hand of God.”

Former Congressman Allen West also weighed in on the decision with the following Facebook post-

I don’t believe when the 14th Amendment was passed to support the 13th amendment, the writers ever conceived it would be used as a catch-all for various special interest groups. And I am very concerned that special interest groups can challenge the referendum of the people and seek out their interest before the courts – and in fact overrule the democratic process by legislating from the bench. America is facing immense issues that threaten our republic — economic, energy, and national security issues –and I shall not get caught up in debates at the federal government level on legislating sexual behaviors. The states will make the final determination….but then again, we need to beware judicial activism.

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