Senator Marco Rubio Goes ‘Eddie Haskell’ on Immigration Reform

Written by Teri O'Brien on June 14, 2013

From the Washington Examiner:

Just to emphasize the point, Rubio stressed that the initial legalization is not conditional on border security. “The legalization is not conditional,” he said. Rubio’s statements were an entirely accurate description of what is in the Gang of Eight bill.

With Hannity Wednesday, Rubio explained that he once favored border security before legalization. “When I initially got involved in this effort in December of last year, I initially said let’s make sure everything, including that first step, is conditioned on the border and all these other things,” Rubio said. “Here’s the problem with that: Let’s say that it takes four years to do the border plan. What do we do with the millions of people that are here illegally in the meantime? Do we just ignore them?

And yet, weren’t we led to believe that Sen. Rubio was supporting this “tough” “conservative” proposal because it required that the border be secured BEFORE legalization? Isn’t that the impression that the faux conservative, Mark Zuckerberg funded group “Americans for a Conservative Direction” tried to leave with their ads, featuring at least one extremely misleading visual, as noted by

Maybe it’s just me, but that’s the impression that I have, and I think that’s the impression that Sen. Rubio has attempted to create by saying one thing in front of English-speaking audiences and another in Español.

I guess this sort of thing is what happens when good guys like Sen. Rubio hang out with Sen. Chuck Schumer, or the original Eddie Haskell of the U.S. Congress, one Sen. Richard “Dick” Durbin, who is notorious for his avuncular, soft-spoken pretense of moderate consensus when he’s in the living room with Ward and June, as in front of the American public, only to reveal his real hard left self when behind closed doors with Wally and the Beav, as in with Sen. Chuck Schumer and Barack Obama. I’ve warned you, Sen. Rubio, not to let yourself be played. I fear that you haven’t heeded my warning, and fear even more for the future of this country.

Image: source: CBS television series Leave It to Beaver, character Eddie Haskell (Ken Osmond) — © Universal Studios Home Entertainment, All rights reserved

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