Shepard Smith is PO’ed with BHO and the NSA!

Published on June 8, 2013

It’s safe to say Fox’s Shepard Smith is not pleased about the National Security Agency’s collection of Verizon customers’ phone records and the secretive “PRISM” program that reportedly has its hands in the servers of nine major companies.

While talking with Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace about developments in the NSA scandal, Smith repeatedly took jabs at the government’s actions, mocking both the lack of privacy and the excuses made by lawmakers.

“I’ve gotten to where I wrote little notes at the bottom all the time on e-mails I send out, ‘Let’s bring in Eric Holder,’” Smith joked to Wallace. “Now I ought to just pick up the phone and say, ‘What up?’”

Wallace clarified that the NSA Verizon metadata collection does not include the actual content of phone calls, and that, in regards to the the PRISM data collection, the government “reassures” us that no one on domestic soil is having their emails read.

“The funny thing is we’re supposed to hear it and believe it and move on with our day,” Smith mocked. “There’s nothing to see here, keep moving!”

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