SHOCKER … NOT: Media Drops Coverage of IRS Scandal

Published on June 13, 2013

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That was fast–but not unexpected. The media frenzy over the IRS scandal, which dominated the Big Three networks for two weeks, has practically disappeared from the news, according to a new report.

The dominant story in May when ABC, CBS and NBC crawled over each other for new details and provided 96 stories on morning and evening broadcasts has fallen to just one this week on ABC’s Good Morning America, according to the Media Research Center. In some cases, it was replaced by the National Security Agency snooping scandal.

MRC analysts reviewed each of the morning and evening newscasts on the Big Three from May 10 through June 12 and found 127 full stories, interviews or anchor briefs that focused on the IRS scandal. Analysts determined that 76 percent of the IRS stories were aired within the first two weeks, while 24 percent of the stories arrived in the latter period, a huge drop-off, MRC said in a report on the web page.

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