Team Tebow: Chuck Norris and Tony Dungy Help A Brotha Out

Published on June 1, 2013

tim-tebowTony Dungy and Chuck Norris are the latest celebrities to encourage Tim Tebow, who was recently let go from the New York Jets.

Dungy, a former Super Bowl-winning football coach, posted a video Friday on the All-Pro Dad website.

“I know Tim Tebow must be frustrated that he hasn’t found the right team yet and is still searching,” Dungy wrote in an introduction to the video. “Here’s the advice I would give to Tim as he waits for his new team.”

Dungy said in the video, “Tim Tebow, really, I know, is disappointed that he hasn’t gotten going on a team and in a direction, knowing what locker room he’s gonna be in right now. But the advice I’d have for Tim is just to be patient and be faithful. The Lord has a good spot for you; He’s going to give you the right situation.

“Tim’s a winner, and he’s a guy that lifts his teammates. He lifts the spirits of any team that he’s with. So he’s gonna find a place to go to work, and he’ll find the right spot and give those guys some encouragement and be a chance to be a winner. So my advice would be just be patient, wait for the Lord to show you that right team, and be ready to go.”

Meanwhile, Norris wrote in his syndicated online column that he thinks the Christian football player could be an NFL superstar.

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