Wants? Needs? Law of the Jungle Dehumanizes Humans

Published on June 8, 2013

Man who has a “right” to everything he desires is not human but an animal and such a man cannot rightly be described as civilized. Instead, he is truly a barbarian, separated from his Creator and from all notion of virtue. Sadly, today this is the vision of society propagated by many who are entrusted with the education of our youth as well as the governance of our country. Unless our nation reverses course and denies this sort of vulgar ideology, we can expect nothing less than a society governed by the chaotic Law of the Jungle.

Kevin Ritter is a small business owner in southeast Ohio. He holds an MA in Political Science from Central Michigan University (1990) and has completed coursework, language requirements, and comprehensive exams for a PhD. in Modern European History at Western Michigan University.

RitterImage: Photo: Andreas Praefcke; Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license

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