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Were We Born Prey or Predators?

wolf-gray-color-beautiful-kewl1-300x225By Patrick Estebe
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

With all the fear mongering going on both on TV and on the internet, one could be justified feeling like a prey. In fact fear is precisely the basis of most social structures as scared people are so much easier to herd.

Modern society acts promptly on our young minds; we all remember the “Three Little Pigs” story and its lesson; one should have a solid brick house for when the wolf comes.

Now those of us who do not have the opportunity enjoy the outdoors for whatever reason, have a chance to watch television (probably only too much!), hopefully including documentaries on wild animals.  Therefore most of us have had a chance to notice the way to instantly classify an unknown animal, at least among the mammals, as either a prey or a predator.

The animals born to be prey have eyes on the sides of the head to have as much as possible of a 360ᵒ view of their surroundings as they need an early warning if anything comes through the perimeter. The predators instead have eyes on the front of their heads so that they can estimate distances precisely in order to attack their prey.

Where does this put our species, if not squarely among the predators?

Screen-Shot-2013-06-24-at-7.31.07-PM-205x300Reversing all the conditioning and forgetting fear is the most essential step toward security.  Certainly the pictures of the bad guys can be scary, but then again; last time we looked at a mirror, were not our eyes on the front of our face?  We were not born to be on the lookout for danger; we were born to be the attacker.  The fact that some of us are well aware of it should not stop the others to remember their true nature.

The Goliaths of the world certainly look scary; but the Davids can be very deadly themselves.  Obviously most governments would rather govern millions of nice working little pigs, terrified in their brick houses rather than millions of lions unafraid and roaming freely.  Herding cats is already more difficult than herding pigs or sheep; imagine herding lions!

This is why we are all conditioned to be cowards in need of protection early on.  We have been poisoned with fear from the day we start talking; the modern social structures rely on fear.  Luckily it was not always the case for without the Spartan’s courage at Thermopylae democracy would have been short lived.

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