WHAT’S YOUR EXCUSE?: 102yr. Old Grandma Base Jumps Off Idaho Bridge

Published on June 6, 2013

TWIN FALLS — 102-year-old Dorothy Custer is no stranger to extreme sports. Or TV cameras. Last year, she zip-lined over the Snake River Canyon to celebrate her 101st birthday.

So how did she top last year’s birthday zipline adventure? Sunday morning, in celebration of her 102nd birthday, Dorothy took part in a tandem BASE-jump off of Perrine Bridge.

As the parachute opened, Dorothy, and the BASE jump instructor she was fastened to, soared above the Snake River before coming to a gentle landing on the shore of the river.

Similar to skydiving, BASE jumping (BASE stands for Buildings, Antennas, Spans, and Earth) is an extreme sport where participants jump off of a platform or cliff and deploy a parachute before landing on the ground.

Dorothy said afterwards that the jump was quite a thrill, but she expected it to last longer. “It was too short! I don’t know why it went down so quickly. But that was alright. There’s nothing left to do but just live now.”

When she’s not thrill-seeking, Dorothy says she tries to sew as much as she can.

But we suspect she’ll find another exciting way to celebrate her 103rd birthday next year.

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