YIKES: Gandolfini’s Booze Filled Final Night

Published on June 21, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 9.47.03 AM“Sopranos” star James Gandolfini, who struggled with booze addiction in his final weeks, scarfed down a decadent final meal that included at least eight alcoholic drinks, The Post has learned.

Gandolfini guzzled four shots of rum, two pina coladas, and two beers at dinner with his son — while he chowed down on two orders of fried king prawns and a “large portion” of foie gras, a hotel source in Rome said.

The Emmy Award winner had attended several Alcoholics Anonymous meetings on Perry Street in the West Village, but people who saw him there “didn’t think that he was serious about getting sober,” said a source familiar with the matter.

“I can confirm he has been known to blow lines and drink like an Irish sailor on weekend leave,” said another source.

Photos of Gandolfini in Rome show the actor looking haggard in the days leading up to his death — and he spent a lot of the time with a drink in his hand.