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AHAHAHA VIDEO: Angry Woman Punches TV News Crew In Face, Gets Maced By Cop

While reporting on the shooting of Orlando police officer Jason Hajek, an unidentified WESH-TV reporter was attacked by the irate woman, who chased him around the news van before smacking a vehicle and hitting another man in the face.

On the raw tape, the reporter is seen running away from the woman, as she shouts “You want some news?!” The reporter jokingly responds, “Uh, yeah, I’d like news like, uh, me running away,” as he darts off behind the news van. After the unidentified woman smacks a police van, she encounters the TV cameraman and hits him in the face.

A police officer had been on her tail throughout the entire ordeal, ultimately confronting her with some good ol’ pepper spray before subduing her for arrest.

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