Written by Allan Erickson on July 27, 2013

“The IRS scandal was connected this week not just to the Washington office — that had been established — but to the office of the chief counsel.  That is a bombshell — And Democrats know it. Which is why they are so desperate to make the investigation go away. They know, as Republicans do, that the chief counsel of the IRS is one of only two Obama political appointees in the entire agency.”  Peggy Noonan, columnist, WSJ, July 19, 2013.

“Wilkins is one of only two political appointees on the entire IRS staff. Only Wilkins and the Director were directly chosen by Obama. Wilkins is a long time Obama crony and Democratic donor who earned his spurs by successfully defending, pro bono (free), the Rev. Jeremiah Wright from charges that his radical politicization of his pulpit should deny his church tax exempt status. The event that triggered the IRS’ interest? Then-presidential candidate Barack Obama’s speech to the congregation during the Democratic presidential primary campaign. Now does that sound like ‘political activity’?”  Dick Morris, former Clinton campaign manager, July 19, 2013.  Phony scandal.

Lois Lerner, who runs the IRS division that oversees tax-exempt organizations, knew about the targeting of Tea Party groups since June 29, 2011.   Inspector General’s Report.   (No wonder she took the 5th.)  People who cross Obama tend to disappear.

Remember, Obama claimed on May 13 he first learned about the IRS scandal from news reports, another lie.  Jon Stewart commentary here: 2013/05/president-obama-heard-about-irs-doj-scandals-from-the-news-2649096.html 

Investigations proceed into other “phony scandals”, special prosecutors at the ready:  Benghazi, AP, Fox News, Fast & Furious, EPA, HHS, and DOJ … to name a few.  Washington has its eye on the ball, Mr. Obama.  And that is what terrifies you.

Image: Source: National Cancer Institute; author: Linda Bartlett (photographer); public domain

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Allan Erickson
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