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BO DEREK: Still a 10 at 56, Plus She’s a Conservative. Boom.

She was one of the most popular sex symbols of the 1980s, but Bo Derek looks as radiant as ever at 56.

The actress proved it at the MGM HD Channel Hollywood Sunset Party in Munich, where she glowed in a fresh white blouse and cream trousers with colourful beaded accessories.

Bo joined a number of German personalities for the celebrity eventin a fancy penthouse on Sapporobogen.

In the movie 10 with Dudley Moore and Julie Andrews Bo became an icon of an era, running down a beach in a gold swimsuit and her hair in beaded braids, that quickly became one of the highest-selling posters of the eighties.

Thirty years later, the actress has focused more on the small screen with appearances in CSI: Miami, Fashion House and 7th Heaven, while maintaining an active interest in politics, seen at numerous Republican events since the first Bush administration despite claiming to be an Independent.

She now lives with long-term partner John Corbett, 52 – from Sex And The City – who she has been with for over 10 years.

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