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CARLOS DANGER EXPLAINS: Weiner Blames Latest Sexting Scandal As Caused by First Sexting Scandal

Serial sexter Anthony Weiner begged supporters to hang with him, telling them today “a rough time” in his marriage prompted him to keep sending sexually explicit words and pictures to women he’s never met.

In a letter released this afternoon, Weiner apologized but also seemed to shift blame for his pervy behavior to his marriage to former State Department aide Human Abedin.

“Sending these embarrassing messages to women online, whom I never met, was a personal failing that was hurtful to my wife and a part of my life that Huma and I have put behind us,” he wrote.

“These things I did, as you have read in the papers, didn’t happen once. It was a terrible mistake that I unfortunately returned to during a rough time in our marriage. After a lot of reflection, some professional help, and a general reorientation of my life, Huma has given me a second chance. I will never stop being grateful for that.”

The Web site reported yesterday that Weiner had sent a slew of pornographic self-images and lewd writings – under the handle Carlos Danger – to a 22-year-old Indiana woman last summer.

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