Fast Food Workers Strike! I’d Like Higher Wages with Those Fries …

Written by Pauline Wolak on July 31, 2013

After seven years, Mr. Wilson should consider a new line of work.  He started out at $6.50 in 2006.  But, in his home state of Illinois, minimum wage jumped to $7.50 the very next year.  And by 2011 it went to its current rate of $8.25.  Seven years and you’re only earning 35 cents more than the minimum?  Didn’t the reporter think to ask why, after nearly a decade, Mr. Wilson didn’t appear to make any upward moves within the company?

Maybe instead of holding signs and making demands, people should get a second job or an education or a skilled position.  The Detroit Free Press’ jobs section lists 6,002 jobs for the metro area.  How many burger flippers are really looking?  How many are in school or seeking to learn a trade?  

I know it’s easier to hold your hand out and make demands.  But at what cost to pride or sense of self-worth?  When did it become taboo to work your way up, to become a success through long hours, blood, sweat, and tears? 

When the government is your daddy; the death of work ethic was bound to happen.

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