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Geraldo Pulls a Weiner: Tweets Out Sick Naked Pic


For some reason, Fox News anchor Geraldo Rivera decided to follow in the footsteps of Anthony Weiner, the disgraced ex-congressman forced to resign after posting a sexually suggestive picture of himself on Twitter.

Late Saturday night, Rivera posted a half-naked, sideways selfie — picture taken of yourself with a camera phone — on the social media site under the banner “70 is the new 50,” according to

Clearly proud of his physique at the age of 70, the photo depicts a  seemingly nude Rivera wrapped in a towel barely covering his genitalia.  Apparently, the oft-annoying Fox host was so impressed that he couldn’t  resist sharing it with the world.
Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 12.49.29 PM (1)

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