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GUESS WHO DONE IT: ‘FLASH MOBS’ Pillage Store, Beat Employee with Sticks

WASHINGTON – “It was crazy. Beyond our control,” says the manager of the King Convenience store in the 1500 block of U Street in Southeast D.C.

He says a flash mob of teens stole candy, soda and other items from his store Saturday night.

“Bunch of kids, more than 20 or 30, grabbed everything,” he says, asking not to be identified. “They grabbed everything and then ran away from the store.”

An employee ran outside to try and stop some of the teens involved in the flash mob. He was confronted by one of them armed with a stick and is now recovering at home from his injuries.

The suspect is described as a black male, 5’8″ tall, 180 pounds, with a medium complexion. He was last seen wearing a blue shirt with a Nike emblem, short-sleeve jean jacket or vest, a white sweatband on his head, and knee-length jean shorts and tennis shoes.

“The previous owner, they locked the store and everything was inside,” the manager says. “We believe in community and opened everything up and try to do business, but sometimes it’s hard.”

The new owners, who took over a year and half ago, say they would like to see police patrol the block every two hours or so, and crack down on loitering nearby.

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