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HERE’S WHAT IDIOTS LOOKS LIKE: Couple Lives Lush Off Others Credit Cards, Busted via Bragging on Facebook

A couple from Staten Island, New York, have been living an over-the-top fairy tale for the past five years – but all that changed Wednesday when the pair were indicted on charges of identity theft and corruption after bragging about their misbegotten riches on Facebook.

Amanda Zieminski, known by her nickname ‘Meme Zee,’ worked for eight years as a nurse at the medical office of South Shore Physicians in Staten Island, where prosecutors say the 26-year-old stole personal information from patients that was used to order new debit and credit cards.

Zieminski, her fiance, aspiring rapper Clyde ‘C-Money CEO’ Forteau, 29, and their three suspected accomplices allegedly used the misappropriated cards to withdraw nearly $700,000 in cash, which the couple used to buy high-end jewellery, premium tickets to sporting events and go on a romantic Disney World vacation.

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