Written by Donald Joy on July 1, 2013

Free Republic discussion thread:

The Conservative Treehouse blog discussion thread (TCT are the heroes of this entire debacle; they have been on point since day one unearthing stuff thru FOIA that the Sanford police tried to bury, etc.):

It’s confusing, bizarre, and incredible–

The DeeDee hoax:

Girl’s voice/witness #8 in first interview is NOT Rachel Jeantel:

Prosecution has apparently put a fake/alibi witness on the stand in Rachel Jeantel, who is NOT the same girl originally interviewed and identified as “Dee Dee”/witness #8, the girl allegedly on the phone with Trayvon leading up to the moment of the deadly incident.

On the stand, Jeantel had described many 3-way calls with Trayvon and others, which could explain some of the trickery and complications here.

There were 9 phone calls between Trayvon and the person who was presented as witness #8 in the 45 minutes it took Trayvon to go from the 7-11 to the spot where Zimmerman observed him.

Whew.  The above is just a taste of the tsunami of stuff coming out on this.

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