How to Prepare for the Pending Race Riots

Written by Skip Coryell on July 20, 2013


4. Get a concealed carry permit!

Unless you’re a wall flower who never leaves your house and has your Cheetos and Mountain Dew delivered to your front door, this is a must. Most people spend the majority of their time at work or school or out on the town. Are you just going to forfeit your ability to defend yourself unless you’re in your home? Well, if you live in Chicago or New York or California, I guess you have no choice. But then again, that gives credence to my first advice “Get out of the city!” Go ahead and move to Texas. Why not? Everyone else is. I have to admit it’s crossed my mind a time or two.

5. Buy self-defense insurance!

Most people wouldn’t think of this one, but you can bet if George Zimmerman didn’t have it before, he has it now. Anyone who carries a gun for self-defense and wants to protect his or her assets as well as their freedom has a policy like this. There are many out there, so you just need to shop around. I hold two such policies:

I’m very happy with both services. They offer legal grants, legal referrals, expert witnesses as well as educational opportunities before and after a deadly force altercation has occurred.

While I was writing this article, my wife walked up behind me and started to read over my shoulder. (I hate when she does that.) And of course she had to criticize by saying my first point wasn’t valid because most people can’t afford to move out of the city. That doesn’t matter and the point is still valid and probably the most healthy piece of advice I can give you. This is a very bad time in American history to live in a large city. When the crap hits the fan, major American cities are ground zero.

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