Integrity: CVS, Tadeschi Food & Walgreens Drug Store Won’t Sell Current Rolling Stone Magazine

Published on July 17, 2013


The August 3rd issue has sparked debate online, as some wonder if it glamorizes the actions of the suspected terrorist. It also has resulted in multiple national chains announcing they will refuse to sell the issue and numerous local businesses following suit.

CVS announced via its Facebook page that the pharmacy chain would not be selling the issue in its stores.

“CVS/pharmacy has decided not to sell the current issue of Rolling Stone featuring a cover photo of the Boston Marathon bombing suspect,” the brand wrote on Wednesday. “As a company with deep roots in New England and a strong presence in Boston, we believe this is the right decision out of respect for the victims of the attack and their loved ones.”

Tadeschi Food Shops also announced via its Facebook page that it would not be selling the issue, stating that it “cannot support actions that serve to glorify the evil actions of anyone.”

Walgreens became the third chain after CVS and Tadeschi to boycott the issue when it made an announcement via its official Twitter account saying, “Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Walgreens will not be selling this issue of Rolling Stone.”

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