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IT’S OFFICIAL: Howard Dean Agrees with Sarah Palin, ObamaCare Sucks

There is more proof that the ObamaCare ‘death panels’ are alive and well. The former head of the Democratic Party, who also happens to be a medical doctor, is sounding the alarm. In a Wall Street Journal opinion piece, Howard Dean calls out a “major problem” with the health care law, known as the Independent Payment Advisory Board. Sarah Palin, who warned against death panels in 2010, reacted on Tuesday night’s Hannity.

Sean Hannity broke down why this is important. First, a high-profile Democrat and one-time medical doctor is admitting that this board is a “health care rationing body.” Second, he pointed out that Dean is acknowledging that IPAB has the authority to “stop certain treatments.”

Finally, Hannity said it serves as another frightening reminder that the American people were misled by the president and other Democrats, including Dean, about ObamaCare. President Obama stated in 2009, “Every credible person who has looked into it has said there are no so-called death panels – an offensive notion to me and to the American people. These are phony claims meant to divide us.”

Palin said she hasn’t read Dean’s op-ed because she wasted too much time listening to “liberal pundits” a few years ago when they slammed her claim as “the biggest lie of the year.”

The former Alaska governor said ObamaCare will be a “burden” on small businesses and will result in the single-payer system. “Not only does it strip away our freedoms as Americans, but ObamaCare will bankrupt so many businesses and it will continue to add to the bankruptcy of our nation.”

She called on fiscal conservatives to de-fund ObamaCare. “If you’re going to go down, at least go down swingin’. Don’t vacillate and capitulate to give to Obama and the media thinking that they’re going come around and like you after all for being on their side.”

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