Kevin James’ Here Comes the Boom — Comparisons to Rocky?

Published on July 31, 2013

The remainder of the movie hilariously centers on James’ ascent “up the MMA ladder” with Rutten as his trainer and Winkler his “corner man.”  Naturally, there is a corresponding amount of violence that accompanies depictions of this nature, but it’s tempered with comedic relief and is not excessive.  What is especially heart-rendering is the transformation, or rather the revival, of the selfish, apathetic, “waiting for retirement” James into the dedicated, selfless, passionate, once-2002-teacher-of-the-year-recipient of past glory days.  More importantly, this transformation inspires the entire student body, faculty and staff of the high school. 
This movie, obviously, has a very happy ending for all pertinent parties concerned (which is the type of flick that I prefer to watch).  More importantly, it emphasizes the Biblical virtues of self-sacrifice, dedication, compassion and yes, even faith in the God of the Bible.  There is a scene where the major actors are at the home of a second trainer during dinner.  The second trainer has prayer and reads from Genesis 32:24 where “Jacob prevailed while wrestling with the Angel of the Lord.”  This group later prays prior to the start of the big MMA match at MGM Grand in Las Vegas.  There are no sex scenes or foul language during the film, and it ends with Bas Rutten (and other students from James’ brief U.S. Citizenship class) receiving their naturalization with “Old Glory” waving briskly in the breeze.   I have to admit my eyes were a little moist at the end.   

We should support Kevin in making more family-friendly films like Here Comes the Boom and others of this ilk. 

Image: Promotional poster for Here Comes the Boom; source: http://www.impawards.
com/2012/here_comes_the_boom.html; Columbia Pictures; fair use

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