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Mrs. Obama Switches Focus From Fat Fannies to Gun Control

WASHINGTON – A second term as first lady finds Michelle Obama using her  spotlight to draw attention to another issue involving the welfare of children:  young people and gun violence.

A meeting with high school students from a rough neighborhood in her hometown  of Chicago led Mrs. Obama to start putting a new spin on the stalled legislative  debate over access to guns.


A mother to a teen and a tween, Mrs. Obama says the country is obligated to  help kids like these grow up and become adults. Several current and former  students at Chicago’s Harper High School were killed by gunfire within the past  year.

The first lady on Tuesday faced immigration — another new issue for her —  when she delivered the keynote speech in New Orleans at the annual conference of  the National Council of La Raza. Immigration is one of President Barack Obama’s  top second-term priorities, as it is for the Latino advocacy group.

Mrs. Obama urged the group’s members to stay encouraged and continue to press  the House to follow the lead of the Senate and pass an immigration bill.

“Do not give up because I promise you my husband won’t give up until a good  bill gets on his desk,” she said.

Aides say the first lady isn’t making gun violence a new and distinct issue,  but is folding it into the work she’s been doing to encourage youth to focus on  getting an education.

By reaching beyond the pair of relatively safe issues she has been pushing —  reducing childhood obesity, which she discussed at length at the La Raza  conference, and rallying public support for military families — the  Harvard-trained lawyer who some say has played it safe is showing a willingness  to step outside of her comfort zone.

She’ll need to tread carefully, though. The American public tends to prefer  that its first ladies leave the heavier policy lifting to the president.

Rosalynn Carter was criticized for attending Cabinet meetings and Hillary  Rodham Clinton was pilloried for running a health care task force in secret.  Mrs. Obama is viewed favorably by about two-thirds of the public, higher than  her husband, who had a favorability rating of about 53 percent, according to  recent polls.

Mrs. Obama fell out of public favor during the 2008 presidential campaign  over comments deemed unpatriotic. But once in the White House, she declared  herself “mom in chief” to her two kids, planted a vegetable garden, pushed the  childhood obesity and military family issues and resurrected her public  standing.