Pastor Tim Takes a Stand on Abortion

Written by Mike Adams on July 27, 2013

by Mike Adams

Pastor Tim led a small but wealthy United Methodist Church for almost twenty years. He used to tell his congregation the following story every few months: “When pro-lifers stand in front of abortion clinics and shout at women who go to have abortions, they aren’t showing the love of Christ. Until you’ve walked a mile in someone else’s shoes, you have no right judge. That’s not what God wants.”

I’ve been involved in the pro-life movement for about a decade. I’ve never seen pro-lifers standing outside an abortion clinic shouting at women who are either going in to have an abortion or leaving the clinic after having one. But let’s assume that Pastor Tim is correct in suggesting that this kind of thing actually happens. Some obvious questions follow:

1. There are several thousand abortions performed per day in America. Are there also several thousand women getting shouted down (specifically for having an abortion) per day in America?

2. Is it worse to a) dismember a baby or b) shout at a woman who just paid to have her baby dismembered? (Feel free to assume that both are wrong but, please, answer the question anyway).

3. Given that Pastor Tim talks about civil rights from time to time, shouldn’t he also mention the disproportionate impact of abortion on the black community?

4. Blacks are 12% of the population but 37% of all abortions. Isn’t that a bigger problem than isolated instances of shouting outside of abortion clinics?

5. Do pro choicers ever shout at pro-lifers peaceably assembling outside of abortion clinics? Do they ever try to throw urine, fecal matter, and used tampons on their political opponents?

6. Which is worse: a) getting yelled at for having an abortion, or b) getting hit with a bloody tampon simply for opposing abortion?

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