Published on July 2, 2013

Vermont-Motorcycle-Attorney1-300x186Bikers also appear to be immune to the normalcy bias as well, not even speaking about the gangs here; just mentioning that road travel on a motorcycle is seldom normal. Did you ever saw a biker riding and texting in the same time?  He is too busy making sure those who are texting in their cars will not run him over.   In fact bikers are caught in an interesting tactical difficulty as in any war on two fronts; safety on two wheels has much to do with going faster than the traffic, but then going faster than the traffic has a tendency to bring into the picture some cars with funny lights whose drivers have absolutely no sense of humor. And then of course there are the dragon flies that will make a blotch on the visor that blinds you just when you were accelerating significantly to pass a car and change lanes.  Bikers, like sailors are paying attention because in their world the sanction systematically follows the mistake and the death penalty applies often to infinitely small mistakes.

There we have it; a huge communication problem between those, unaffected by the normalcy bias, and on their toes most of the time, and their good fellow citizens who just cannot understand why on earth tomorrow would ever be different from yesterday.

The Tuareg nomads I met long ago in an interesting meeting between a seafarer and desert nomads used to say that a house is a tomb for the soul.  How can one communicate the danger of the normalcy bias to those who can simply not see how conditioned they became?

An essential step toward security would be to “get the hell out”; outdoors the normalcy bias fades quickly.  When climbing a mountain there is a deep feeling that gravity rules and that it will takes its toll in the blink of an eye given if given a chance.  Windsurfing, diving, or even simply swimming in the ocean will avoid being drowned in the normalcy bias.  Riding as mentioned before will definitely wake up the most inattentive person, or make a new statistic of her.  In fact anything that will bring your entire clan outside the living room and its flat screen monitor will also provide you a better perspective on the true nature of security.  The first step toward security is to understand and accept insecurity.

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estebe1Patrick Estebe offers an unconventional approach to security issues. He has created a Multidimensional Security System based on insight and creativity, which allows him to organize individuals and teams capable of handling a wide range of acute situations. These situations include crucial VIP security, critical defense of airports, seaports and megayachts.

As a Captain in the French Marines then Inspector in the Intelligence Service (in charge of counter-terrorism units), Patrick Estebe had the opportunity to experience the power and limitations of a linear approach to security.

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