Pictures Make A Point in the Fight for Life

Written by Wes Walker on July 4, 2013

As you may or may not know, the battle against Roe v. Wade in the States is going much better than its equivalent in Canada, where we have the dubious distinction of being one of only 3 countries in the world with absolutely no law governing or restricting abortion.  (The other two are China and North Korea.)
You can be encouraged in your fight by hearing about some success here.  A campaign is underway to circulate pictures of aborted babies so that people can actually see the hard facts that they otherwise emotionally distance themselves from by using abstract words like “tissue”, “cells”, or “fetus”.
This is making a difference.  Just like what happened with the Gosnell case, public attitudes are shifting slightly, and now even the media is occasionally getting into the conversation.

This short piece outlines what they’re doing right, and the effect it is having here.


Related:  US Media outlets (Chicago Tribune, USA Today, LA Times) refused to print “controversial” picture of a 20-24 week old baby held in two hands.  Caption reads: “This child has no voice, which is why it depends on yours.  Speak up.”



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