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Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 10.16.38 AMWhen I wrote last week about all the bad jokes being made about Aaron Hernandez, I at least understood that such people weren’t attempting to extract anything redeeming about the situation.

Unfortunately, there are many misguided, if not downright reprehensible, people out there lamenting not the impact this murder case will have on their fantasy football team, but instead the incarceration of an updated version of OH AN HE SEXY.

I first came across someone noting not how terrible it is that a man is dead, or even that a promising career is likely over, but rather that hotness has been wasted when I saw this:

Perhaps that’s just a taste of what you can find in Miss Castro’s upcoming book, The Modern Girl’s Guide to the Gridiron. Because I guess women need gender-specific reading to understand the sports things because, like, there’s so much more than those cute tight pants and stuff.

But, hey, isolated ignorance, I thought. Later that day, though, comedian Neil Hamburger began retweeting more and more people who find murder not to be the biggest crime in all this. If you’ve ever wondered how serial killers and other prisoners can get letters from incredibly pathetic strangers promising marriage, this is how. It’s what Tommy Tomlinson wrote about regarding the beautiful women at Rae Carruth’s trial: “It reminded me again of the raw sexual power that a great athlete can have — even one charged with putting out a hit on his pregnant girlfriend.”

For being a detriment to every female who has worked so hard to break down stereotypes in the sports world, these folks deserve a public shaming. So come along as we put the microscope on some seriously misguided people whose parents have failed hard.

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