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Propagandized Students Will Be Used In California To Convert Families To Obamacare With Your Tax Dollars


The Los Angeles Unified School District will promote Obamacare by teaching students to  become “messengers” for the controversial government expansion over the U.S.  healthcare system.

Covered California, the state’s health  insurance exchange,  initially announced a $990,000 state grant for the training instruction in May,  reports Fox News. The grant is one of several  totaling $37 million.

“Teens trained to be messengers to family members” is how one school district  explains the central purposes for the grant, according to the Heartland Institute, a  conservative and libertarian think tank.

A grant summary also listed “outreach calls” to families and “adult-student  class presentations” as purposes. The outreach calls will involve staffers paid  with tax dollars calling students’ homes.

Covered California is on board with the use of children to deliver a  prefabricated message pushing family members to enroll in President Obama’s  health care law.

“We have confidence that the model L.A. Unified brought to the table will be  successful in reaching our target population, which includes family members of  students,” spokeswoman Sarah Soto-Taylor said.

The LAUSD — which is home to a  school named after Barack Obama and also one  named after Michelle Obama — could be using kids to hawk additional  government programs in the future.

“Teens are part of a ‘pilot’ program to test whether young people can be  trained as messengers to deliver outreach and limited education to family  and friends in and around their homes,” said LAUSD spokesman Gayle Pollard-Terry  told the Heartland Institute in an email.

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