Restoring a Once Great Nation

Published on July 10, 2013

Restoring - Book CoverRestoring a Once Great Nation by Douglas Edelman

Today’s America would be almost unrecognized by those who founded it – and that’s not a reference to the technology they wouldn’t understand! Our culture, our people, our politics have all morphed from that envisioned by those who birthed and nurtured our nation. Are America’s glory-days ahead, or passed?

Touching on topics from Economics to Immigration, Parenting to Spirituality… this book strives to inform, awaken and motivate, one reader at a time!

St. Louis, MO 2012 – For those who have enjoyed my articles and essays and would like to read more, I would like to announce that I have completed my first book and it is now available in paperback and for Kindle.

Titled ‘Restoring A Once Great Nation’ with a subtitle, ‘Are America’s glory-days ahead, or are they behind us?’; and authored by Doug Edelman, the book touches on subjects from economics to spirituality and from gas prices to parenting and education. It is a message of hope, because an informed and thinking populace is capable of reversing our current cultural decline.

Written to expose commonly held myths and to promote truths which are not commonly known or understood; and premised upon the idea that Americans are capable of making good decisions when they are fully and accurately informed, the book is both a training tool for the warrior in the grassroots efforts to reclaim the culture, and as an “evangelistic” tool to cause any intellectually honest person to question their preconceived notions. Most of all, it will cause the reader to think; or in some cases, to wake up!

About the Author: Doug Edelman is a conservative political analyst, essayist and commentator, active in politics since 1976.  He was a founding member of the St Louis Tea and continues to coordinate and interface with multiple grassroots organizations.  He has served as a contributing editor for The Conservative Voice, and is currently a writer for the St Louis Examiner.  His work has been found on such outlets as Western Front American, Small Government Times, Western Journalism, News By Us, The American Daily, The Post Chronicle, New Media Journal, Capitol Hill Coffee House and more. Mr. Edelman is also an IT Consultant/Contractor and owner of a Computer Services Business.

Married with 2 kids and 3 dogs, he lives in a suburban neighborhood in Missouri, where he settled permanently after leaving his native New York to attend college in St Louis.

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