Sexual Sanity for Women

Written by Wes Walker on July 8, 2013

Woman sleeping in bedThe common assumption is that sexual sin — especially porn fixation — is “a guy thing”.  And, perhaps because of that assumption, most books addressing the topic of sexual purity have a male audience in mind.
But what if I told you that one third of the visitors to porn sites were women?  The Washington Post reported that “one out of every six women, including Christians, acknowledged struggling with [pornography] addiction.”
Clarification — this isn’t referring to people who think recreational use of such sites is “perfectly fine”.  It’s speaking about people who want to stop, but are finding it difficult.
Follow this link to a review of “Sexual Sanity for Women” a book aimed at women wanting to overcome such an addiction.  The book’s strengths and weaknesses are enumerated.  If you know someone struggling with this (or if that person is you) this review might give you a helpful starting point.

[For additional resources, Tim Challies wrote “Sexual Detox: A Guide For Guys Who Are Sick of Porn”.   When interviewed about his book, he said he intentionally took care to use language that would help with temptation, rather than (like some resources) inadvertently fueling it.]