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TEDIOUS BS: Vets Must Navigate Hundreds of Forms, More Than a Dozen Agencies for Services

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 9.44.09 AMA new study released ahead of the Fourth of July holiday sheds more light on the tangle of paperwork facing America’s veterans — showing they’re up against as many as 613 forms across 18 agencies as they seek services.

The study by the American Action Forum also found the paperwork — in part the result of roughly 31 million Veterans Affairs claims alone each year — takes federal employees roughly 43.3 million hours to process.

“Navigating 18 agencies and more than 600 forms has produced absurd results and unnecessary delays,” the self-described “center-right” leaning nonprofit said.

To be sure, the massive backlog at the Veterans Affairs has been well-documented and has resulted in demands for change from the White House, Capitol Hill and the public.

In March, the agency had 600,000, roughly 70 percent, of its claims pending longer than 125 days.

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