Published on July 18, 2013

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* ClashDaily –  At the time of posting the source was unknown. When we find out who wrote it, we’ll give them full credit and link to the original source.

For those who did not follow the trial, here is a brief summary, compiled from CBS, CNN, and MSNBC news reports

· Eighth grade honor student Trayvon Martin is walking home from church, eager to do his homework.

· Aryan Nation member George Zimmerman is driving around in his pickup truck with Confederate flag license plate and decals.

· Zimmerman spots Martin in the dark by the light glowing from the little boy’s halo.

· The Klansman takes chase, hunting Trayvon down like a dog.

· The budding football star nearly outruns the racist, but he stops when he comes to a “Do Not Enter” sign.

· Unwilling to disobey a lawful sign, he turns to face his attacker.

· The child attempts to reason with his attacker, but the illiterate power-mad cop-wannabe is not inclined to listen to reason, or pleas for compassion.

· Despite numerous specific orders from police officers to not leave his vehicle, Zimmerman exits his truck and says, “Any last words, n-word?”

· “Praise Jesus. God bless you, Sir,” replies the helpless youngster.

· Zimmerman drags the future Nobel Peace Prize winner on top of him.

· A witness sees the youngster repeatedly swinging his arms, apparently attempting to make the sign of the cross.

· “White-Hispanic Power!” screams Zimmerman, as he empties the high-capacity clip loaded with armor-piercing hollow-point bullets from his semi-automatic assault gun with shoulder thing that goes up into the boy.

· Zimmerman then fiendishly punches himself in the face, breaking his nose, and repeatedly bangs his head on the sidewalk while screaming “Help me! Help me!” which obviously is a secret racist code for “Heil Hitler.”

· When he is finished murdering Martin, Zimmerman gets back into his gas-guzzling, globe-warming pickup truck and makes his escape.

· The last thing poor Trayvon sees before he dies is the “Bush-Cheney 2004” bumper sticker.