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Unlikely Support Group: Atheist Calls For Sexual Purity on Web Forum

angry-computer-large-500x320Stuffy, repressed, “religious killjoys” are the people normally associated with any sort of Sexual Purity, or Abstinence, or Anti-porn group.  Certainly not atheists, right?  And even if there were an atheist or two, it certainly wouldn’t catch on… right?  Well, guess again.

It isn’t about being religious or irreligious.  People of either camp are free to join in, and many have.  The count is up past 65,000 on Reddit.  They have one thing in common.  They are disillusioned by  pornography, and the habit that goes with it.

It began in June 2011, when someone posted a study that testosterone levels rise 45.7% in men after a week without self-gratification.  It prompted some readers to start a forum to challenge each other do “go without”, and see for themselves.

The article explains, “Like a large number of (arguably most) young men his age, the 23-year-old Rhodes grew up on porn, which he discovered online at an early age. While admitting that he’s unsure if the smut is to blame, he describes himself, without elaborating, as having been a “hyper-sexual” adolescent. When he eventually became sexually involved with real women, he says he found the sex shallow and unfulfilling, and, in time, he began suffering from delayed ejaculation (the inability to orgasm during normal sex with a real life partner – an increasingly common complaint amongst heavy porn users).”  …  It’s the dedication to the core goal, says Rhodes, that unites all the users: that shared commitment to quitting porn and masturbation for some higher cause, whatever that might be. And those higher causes can vary dramatically from user to user. For some – the extreme cases – it’s quite simply a question of “do or die.” As Rhodes describes it, “they’ve never had a girlfriend or a boyfriend and they sit in their basements all the time looking at porn and masturbating and they never go outside and they don’t have jobs.”

It’s getting results, too.

“Many users even tout what they call the “superpowers” they acquired during a successful NoFap challenge. These include (but are not limited to): dramatic increases in social confidence, energy levels, concentration levels, mental acuity, motivation, self-esteem, emotional stability, happiness, sexual prowess, and attractiveness to the opposite sex. A surprising number of users also express relief that they no longer feel “creepy” when they meet or see girls on the street, and that they are less likely to discover sexual subtexts in totally innocent conversations or situations. Some credit NoFap with literally saving their lives after years of crushing guilt, failed attempts to reform, and hopelessness.”

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Wes Walker

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