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WARRIOR: Wheelchair-Bound Man Catches 250LB. Lemon Shark With Help From His Friends

With two men holding his wheelchair in place, Matt Sechrist hauled in the catch of a lifetime off Vilano Beach — an 8-foot, 250-pound lemon shark.

Sechrist, a Clay County man who was born without legs, said the moment was one he wouldn’t forget.

“That’s a memory that I’ll be able to keep forever,” said Sechrist, who caught the shark Tuesday. “That’s a special moment that I can use. Just one more thing on the resume of things that I’ve done.”

Sechrist’s resumé is lengthy for any 19-year-old: He’s gone skydiving and waterskiing, wrestled in middle school and plans on playing wheelchair basketball at college this year.

But his latest accomplishment wouldn’t have happened without the help of a family friend.

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