America’s Energy Dilemma: The Mess We Made

Written by Stephanie Janiczek on August 25, 2013

I was in Texas for a while this past week and started thinking about the things that have always made Texas work. The things we all think of when we think of Texas. Things like cattle, horses, wide open prairie and energy production.

The thing that really strikes me about the last one is this: as we drove around Dallas I kept feeling that this was a place about to bust wide open with economic development and the thing holding it all back? Federal regulation and the EPA.

Now we all know that Governor Rick Perry is no fan of the EPA and wants to see that whole agency gone. There are many reasons and the biggest reason is simply this: Every time a state like Texas decides to do more for oil production, and now specifically oil shale production, the EPA leaps in like a green version of the Caped Crusader screaming “NO”! This doesn’t just hurt the Texas economy. It hurts the entire country.

So, the question is this: How did the USA get itself into this mess? The explanation is easy to understand if one does the homework. The US gets much of its energy from countries like Saudi Arabia, the bastion of Wahhabist Islam and terrorism. Now take a look at this link: And remember Matt Damon’s failure of a movie Gasland? The Saudis funded that, as well.

So, much of the money that goes into many of these organizations that attack any sort of reneger production in the name of the environment is from Saudi Arabia. Translation: If the US gains energy independence and self sufficiency that would hurt Saudi Arabia and particularly the House of Saud. And we would all lose sleep over that now wouldn’t we?

And the US created this mess. We want to preserve the environment but we want energy independence. The environmentalists rage loudly and the media spews the usual propaganda and a lot of goodhearted Americans fall for it.

Add to this the fact environmentalists have a lot of money and a lot of elected officials need their donations to continue to be elected officials. The base of this movement is fanatical, on par with Al Qaida terrorists at a training camp. They will not listen to any reason, they will not even consider the factor of new, clean technology when it concerns coal and other types of fossil fuel production. They do not care if humans are hurt because of their mania to protect Gaia.

And the US did this. We Americans are decent people. We want to protect our environment as much as we can. We have been built by this land as much as any war, revolution and political movement built us. The land made us the rugged individualists that is our unique trait among nations. None of us wants to see animals go extinct, water get polluted, and open wild land disappear but there has to be a rational discussion about our energy future; and everytime we start to have that discussion those of us who are conservationists are drowned out by the Gaia stalking nut-balls from the radical left.

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Stephanie Janiczek is a former Capitol Hill Staff Assistant, Schedule C Appointee and Leadership Institute alum. Military Wife, Hunter, Horse enthusiast, dog owner, writer and feminist kryptonite.