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ANGRY MALE CHEERLEADER: Male Cheerleader Goes Nuts, Kills Four in Dallas, Uses Grenade to Gain Entry into House

At least four people have been killed and another four injured in two related shooting incidents in southwest Dallas on Wednesday night.

Relatives of one of the woman killed in the shooting spree identified the suspect as the woman’s ex-boyfriend, Erbie Bowser, a former Dallas Mavericks ManiAAc dancer.

Toya Smith, 43, and her 17-year-old daughter Tasmia Allen died in the shooting, as did another of her children, who has not yet been identified.

Toya’s 14-year-old son Storm Malone were among those shot and taken to the hospital, according to WFAA.

One of Tasmia’s 17-year-old friends was also shot and taken to a local hospital.

Radio station CBSDFW reported that when the gunman did not find the woman at the address, he opened fire. Two people were killed and two others wounded at that address.

He is then believed to have went to a home in DeSoto, Texas, where he reportedly used an explosive device to gain entry to the property.

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