Believing What We Want About Presidential Prayer … and Other Things

Published on August 2, 2013

by Gary Frazier
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

Since 1775, various American presidents have observed a National Day of Prayer.

President Bush instituted the practice of holding a service in the East Room
followed by a prayer breakfast. Leaders of various faiths were invited to
attend and speak at the events designed to encourage prayer for the nation.

President Obama, in another attempt to further himself from the Bush White
House, has decided to cancel the service and breakfast so he may “observe

According to then-Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, “That’s the way the president will
publicly observe National Prayer Day – privately, he’ll pray as he does every

I found the above in http://www.examiner. com/article/obama-nixes-national-day-of-prayer-service-breakfast and began
to wonder about something: Why were millions of Americans, who probably voted for
his re-election, upset about this?

I mean, I remember a now-deceased elderly woman who used to tell me she wouldn’t
vote for Reagan, “because he hasn’t done anything for the old people.” I pointed
out something Reagan had done for the retirees and she wouldn’t accept it because
ABCNews hadn’t reported it.

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