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Beware of Contributing to the Contributors!

It didn’t take long for those same people who were telling Illinois voters to support a “Democrat Lite” candidate, to also tell voters in Delaware to not support their Republican candidate. The values of O’Donnell and Kirk are probably as opposite as two people within the same Party could be, and it is these differences that exposed the hypocrisy shared by Party elitists and some Republican supporters within the media.

It is surprising that Democrats did not capitalize on this rift by highlighting an example of “old, white men” who were blocking a woman from achieving success inside of their elite club.

Is America headed for a recession?

When either political party asks for a contribution, and then spends it on candidates and/or objectives that are philosophically and morally opposite of your beliefs, why should you continue to support that entity?

Political parties and charity clearing houses have one thing in common: people do not need large organizations that decide how their donations will be funneled-down to smaller entities. Callers to talk shows during the United Way/BSA standoff had the same message as those who complained about the treatment of conservative candidates by the Republican Party: we will bypass the middle-man, and give our money to the people or organizations who we believe have earned it.

If I had a second chance to make those first donations to a charity all over again, I would definitely give to the charities that I believed would have used that money wisely. Fortunately, I do not have to regret giving money to a political party.

Image: : Christine O’Donnell; Gage Skidmore; Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license

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Chuck Gruenwald

Born in Chicago and raised in northwest suburban Cook County, Chuck Gruenwald developed an unfavorable opinion of machine politics quite early in life. In addition to cars, electronics, law enforcement, and politics, Chuck enjoys writing, and is also a horse racing fan. He has recently written op-eds for

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