CAN OF WHOOP ASS: Malkin Destroys Left on Their ‘Steaming Hypocrisy’ re: Syria

Published on August 29, 2013

Wednesday on Hannity, Michelle Malkin railed against the “steaming hypocrisy” of the Democrats now in power. “It’s stunning when you think of, just several years ago, when these same people were bemoaning George W. Bush as this cowboy who was going out there wrecking the reputation of America.”

Malkin also slammed President Obama for being “flippant” and “arrogant” about the need for “any kind of public accountability.”

She said, “Our national security is paramount. And when you ask […] are we going to be better off after this intervention, who is going to be the replacement, are the people of Syria going to be better off – Obama needs to answer that question.”

Sean Hannity said that argument can’t be made because “there is no opposition, there is no upside, there is no democracy that will follow here, and you’ve got two radical groups killing each other in a civil war that we have no business being involved in.”

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